Gaurav Ranade

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Infotech Division

Gaurav Ranade

Gaurav Ranade is a serial entrepreneur & techno-business expert, innovations solutions sales leader to envisage solutions for all sorts of industries and verticals based business in Information technologies with specialization of Business Planning and Program Management. He built a strong track record of successfully leading start-ups and rapid-growth organizations. Expert Professional with demonstrated proficiency at leveraging communications talents and business acumen to negotiate key partnerships & M&A’s that drive business development and growth. He is expertise at developing and implementing processes and procedures to dramatically improve performance and streamline operations with sales activities. Proven ability to lead and motivate high performance, market-driven management and technical teams. Expert Executive Leader in International Business, strategic planning with financial analysis capabilities.

He has attained many certifications from various International accredited Institutes and organizations in fields of IT especially in the segment of Networking & Security like Microsoft, Cisco, 3Com, Sun Microsystems, RED HAT and various other authorized affiliated institutes base certifications. Gaurav has vast 18 years of experience with a diversified career in I.T segments with every single field including Software, Hardware, Networking, Security and Biometrics with innovative methodologies oriented based business solutions.

An entrepreneur executive have shown excellence in all the stated fields including sales, marketing, business development, presales, operations, merchandising for retail and non retail OEM based businesses for both Public/Private sector. He has a vast experience in start-ups and established retail manufacture’s process for the different markets in different regions of the globe. He is goal driven performer, directed organizational assessment and capacity building plans for organizations to  achieve  improved  performance  benchmarks  in  funding  and  audience  development  while collaborating with cross functional staff teams, senior managers, board members, manufacturer’s representatives & consultants.

In his many associations with the companies at the level of Senior Management roles in all over the companies been a quite professional and full of ethics. He is been renowned as Principal Advisor towards business, technologies & innovative methodologies for many of the regions and countries. In previous assignments he is been taking care of many corporations in Middle East countries like UAE, KSA, KUWAIT and in OMAN. He provides the consultancy to various national and international companies, govt. agencies on various products, brand promotions & solution selling for intelligent products in HomeLand Security Segment, BFSI and other verticals.

His major contribution to the industry on the base of Multi Million Dollars based projects in Domestic and International circuit. He has attained every single aspect of experience in various scenarios like to be in user, customer, technician, and system Integrator, business manager, marketing, OEM owner and most of the above decision maker. He seemingly has an experience to get to know every single vertical’s & Industry’s problems and its solutions lie in the segment.

Motivational speaker  having experience  to  be  in various and unique  sessions on  National and International Podiums especially organized by the Intelligent Agencies, Police Academies, and Law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories  & big exhibitions conduct by authorities. He is a regular speaker at ISS -Telestrategies sessions worldwide.